Cryptocurrency for high profit with low risk?
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This is Zeta Broker!

A revolutionary new way to make profits.
Work with your existing cryptocurrency!

Safe investment, peaceful nights.

By buying your cryptocurrency, you have chosen to invest in the future. You’re thinking long-term, that’s right!

With our service you can put your crypto stock to work, significantly shortening your payback period.


Zeta Broker is able to trade multiple base currencies simultaneously on the same account. The resulting portfolio generates more consistent, predictable profits.

Demo account.

You can try our service for free, completely risk-free. You can test our software on a demo account with real exchange rate data.

The software does not get tired,
also works at night.

The crypto market is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our fully automated trading software works around the clock. You will receive an email notification when a trade is successfully opened or closed.

Safety above all.

Our market leading partner Bybit offers the largest marketplace in the crypto industry. They execute orders quickly and at the best prices.

They say: the crypto belongs to the person who has the private key. We don’t dispute that!

You only need to deposit as much cryptocurrency as you need for the next trade on the exchange that executes your orders. You can keep the rest of the crypto you have in your hardware wallet.

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