About Us

Zoltán Csendes

Founder, CEO

We believe in the future of crypto, which will replace the current unsustainable financial system.

The question is: when will this era change?

Our company is incorporated in Costa Rica. Our founders have been present on crypto since 2014. The structure of the market has changed significantly in recent years. The early small investors have been replaced by large financial funds and banks. No one wanted to miss out on the opportunity. Many people are buying cryptocurrencies for the long term. They don’t care about market fluctuations. They are holding on to their investments because they, like us, have confidence in crypto.

Zeta Broker was created because the owners recognised that the cryptocurrency they bought needed to be worked on to get a quick return on their investment and extra profit on top of the exchange rate gains. In the 24-hour crypto market, it is very difficult to make a profit by trading manually.

The idea was born: develop automated trading software.

The trading system reached its current form after several revisions. The idea, what makes it different from other available applications, is that it combines spot market and leveraged trading, taking advantage of their benefits. Development is ongoing by our small team. We have worked a lot on the software interface to make it easy for anyone to learn how to use it. With a clean, minimalist design, we focus on what matters: making as much profit as possible. Our servers are located in a secure data centre in Costa Rica.


Zeta Trader Investments S.A.
El Alto de la Trinidad de Moravia,
Urbanización La Fabiola No. 8
San José, Costa Rica