Account types

Demo account

All the features of our service can be tested free of charge and without any risk using a demo account. We perfectly simulate market events with real-time trading data. Several demo accounts can be run at the same time, so you can also test trading in a portfolio.

There is one important difference between a demo and a real account: in demo mode, automatic trading stops 3 days after it has been started. You will be notified by e-mail. Open trades will still be visible and the trading data collected up to the shutdown will be preserved. After the shutdown, the demo can be started for another 3 days. This limitation was introduced to fairly distribute our computing capacity among users interested in the service.

If you are not yet a user of our system, you can register here.

Real trading account

Demo is a good game to try out all the features of the software. We can see the trading process without risking our investment.

  • However, the bottom line now follows: make real profits on a real trading account!

In the next section we will tell you what is required for real trading. For a detailed description of each step, please refer to the documentation.

1. Opening an exchange account.

Zeta Broker is not a crypto exchange, we do not provide trading facilities. Orders are executed through the system of our market maker partner. To use our software you first need a verified Bybit account.

2. Purchase and/or deposit the base cryptocurrency you wish to invest into the exchange account.

3. Access authorization for Zeta Broker: create an API key on the exchange website.

4. Create and parameterize a new grid for real trading.

5. Top up balance to pay the service fee.

6. Start automated trading.