Binance crypto exchange

We execute our orders on the leading crypto exchange Binance. We chose them because of the huge daily volume their customers are trading. The second reason was that they are the most innovative company on the market.

The following useful links will take you to the Binance Knowledge Base, where you can find all the information you need, from opening an account to trading.

Beginners Guide
Identity verification
Fee Structure
Buy Crypto with Credit/Debit Card
Deposit/Withdraw Cryptocurrency
Trade Spot Market

About API keys

An API key is a kind of password that we can use to grant rights to an external software to access the data of our Binance account or sub-account. Zeta Broker needs the following API key so that the algorithm can send orders to the crypto account. The software monitors market price changes 24 hours a day and initiates buy and sell orders according to the set parameters.

Creating an API key

Select API Management from the main menu.

Press the Create API button and select the System generated type.

Give the key a name, e.g. in the name of Zeta Broker.

The API key has been created and needs to be customized for Zeta Broker. Of course the new key has a unique code (API Key) and a secret key (Secret Key).

Important! The secret key is only available until you close the current interface. Copy the keys to a text editor for later use.

To edit the data, press the Edit restrictions button.

Check Enable Spot & Margin Trading. Click the Restrict access to trusted IPs only button and enter the following IP addresses in the edit box.

Press the Confirm button to apply.

Press the Save button to finish.

Leveraged Token Quiz

The exchange wants to make sure that we have learned about the risks of trading leveraged tokens. We are not allowed to execute orders until we have completed the Leveraged Token Quiz.

The YouTube video below details the steps to complete the quiz and provides the correct answers.