Referrals page

As with all web services, the referral program is an important element of Zeta Broker’s marketing model. It is a very effective way to find new customers and provides the referrer with a continuous passive income.

All of our registered users are automatically assigned a 10-digit referral ID that is unique in the system. This ID is used to create a unique referral link for each user. If our user sends this link to a friend who then registers with Zeta Broker, he/she automatically becomes the referrer’s client. This entitles the referrer to a commission on the amount paid by the referred person as a service fee. The referrer receives income as long as his/her friends use our paid services. More information about the amount of our commission and other details can be found at this link.

Important! After using the referral link, its unique identifier will be recorded in the browser’s cache. If registration takes place later, the referrer and the referred user will still be connected. If two or more referral links are opened consecutively, the ID saved based on the first one is still used.

In the following, we will introduce you to the Referrals page, where you will be able to track the income generated by the referred customers.

Your referral link: user’s unique referral link.

Total bonus earned: total amount of commission paid so far (USDT).

Total number of friends: number of friends referred and registered.

Referral ID: user’s unique referral ID. You can choose not to use the referral link in the registration window.

List of referred friends:
User ID: unique identifier of the referred user.
Bonus earned: this user has earned this much commission for the referrer (USDT) so far.
UTC registered: date of registration in UTC time zone.

The top line of the list shows the data of the most recently registered referrer.