Subscription page

Our system manages real trading accounts for a service fee. In this chapter we will introduce you to the Subscription page, where you can pay the fee and monitor your account balance.

More information about Zeta Broker’s service fees can be found at this link.


The next screen is the payment page for a new registration:

By pressing the CREATE button, we can create our own unique BEP-20 payment address. We can transfer USDT or BUSD tokens to this address to fund our account. The name of the tokens also shows that they are USD-based stablecoins. The question is, where can we buy these tokens? On the Bybit exchange, of course. We can buy stablecoins in the same way as we can invest in ETH or other cryptocurrencies supported by Zeta Broker. For more information about Binance, depositing and order processing, please refer to the Bybit crypto exchange chapter of the documentation.

BNB Chain

In the picture below we can see a BEP-20 deposit address after pressing the CREATE button.

Important! Please do not use this address, it is only an example!

BEP-20 is the name of a standard created by Binance on its own blockchain network called BNB Chain. We can transfer tokens belonging to this group from one account to another. There is a fee for the transfer, which must be paid in BNB coins. You can find information about the fees and other conditions of BNB Chain on the exchange’s website.

The QR code shown in the image contains the payment address. You can easily initiate a transfer by scanning the code from the Binance application or mobile wallet.

Important! The Zeta Broker system only accepts USDT and BUSD stablecoins. Transferring any other token will result in losing the amount. The system converts the paid BUSD token into a USDT token at a 1:1 ratio, we always use USDT for internal transactions. Each payment address is unique and associated with the user’s account. Payments made to this address are automatically assigned to the associated account.

Pending deposits: we see entries in this list when we initiate a transfer to our BEP-20 address. The details will be displayed here until the receipt of the amount is confirmed.
UTC time: time of payment in UTC time zone.
Token: tokens transferred.
Value: the amount of token being transferred.
Value USDT: the value of the transfer in USDT.
Confirmations: blockchain confirmations. Depending on network load, it may take 10-30 minutes to receive the sent amount. During this time, we expect 12 confirmations, after which the deposited amount will be credited to the account.

Last deposits: list of completed deposits. The top row shows the most recent deposit.
UTC Time: time of payment in UTC time zone.
Token: tokens transferred.
Value: the amount of token transferred.
Value USDT: the value of the transfer in USDT.
Sender address: the source of the transfer.

Zeta Broker will send an email to the user informing them of a successful payment.

On the Balance page you can see the current balance and the transaction list of how the amount was used.

UTC time: the time of the transaction in the UTC time zone.
Due: the reason for the transaction, such as a payment.
Token: the token used for the transaction.
Value USDT: value of the token in USDT.
Comment: comment.

Referral program commission

Our users who participate in our referral program receive a commission from the revenues paid by the referred persons as service fees. The commission is credited to the referrer’s account as soon as the Zeta Broker system deducts it from the referred user. Commissions appear as positive items on the transaction list and increase the USDT balance.

Detailed information about our referral program can be found at this link and in the Referrals page of the documentation.

Withdrawal request

If the user has an unused amount on his/her service fee account, he/she can request a payment from our Customer service through the Top menu > Help > Contact us page. The terms and conditions of the refund can be found at this link.

Using the service fee balance

So far we’ve shown you how to fund your Zeta Broker account, now let’s see how the amount is used when using the service.

Grids managing real accounts execute opening and closing orders according to market conditions. The amount of the service fee to be paid is calculated based on the USDT value of the transaction. Current fees can be found at this link.

Opening example:
We have an ETH-based grid with a trade size of 0.1 ETH. At the current ETH price, this should be 2200 USDT. The USDT value of the new trade is therefore

0.1 ETH * 2200 = 220 USDT

Closing example:
Let’s say we received 15 ETHUP tokens worth 220 USDT at the time of opening. At closing, the system sells the ETHUP tokens and then buys back the original base cryptocurrency from the USDT received for them, i.e. 0.1 ETH at the rate of 2300 ETH/USDT. The basis of the fee calculation is therefore

0.1 ETH * 2300 = 230 USDT